How we came to develop our patent pending 18 inch Aluminum Wheel.


In 2014, we opened our first Railrider adventure tours in Joseph Oregon.  Our fledgling business grew rapidly and so did the demand on the equipment.   We began with plastic wheels, at our  Oregon and Washington sites.  Some of these original wheels are still in use. Manufacturing changes occurred about  2018 that weakened the hub and spokes. In 2019 we were forced to make changes. Plastic hubs that flexed or broke causing derailments on tight curves were NOT acceptable.

Our experience in the Railriding business beginning in 2013 has led us to develop a wheel that is durable and built to withstand commercial use.  Necessity is truly the mother of invention. It was imperative that we find a solution.  With the assistance of a trained manufacturing staff in Portland and a list of must solve issues, a wheel was designed specific to our guidelines.

Our 18″aluminum wheels with stainless steel hubs, and polyurethane rolling surface, eliminated broken spokes, derailments on tight curves, and wheels that were nearly impossible to remove from the axel.  The new wheels rolled quietly down the track, a bonus that we did not anticipate. We are thrilled with our new patent pending wheels. We think you will be too.